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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for an international trip can be tedious. Let the professionals at Travel Health Services take the worry out of complex decisions such as:

  • What immunizations do I need?
  • Is the water safe for drinking or swimming?
  • Should I worry about Malaria or Yellow Fever?
  • What should I do to prevent traveler's diarrhea or altitude sickness?
  • Do I need both required and recommended vaccinations?

Travel Health Services provides all of the vaccines, education and documentation you may need for international travel. Only designated sites can administer the vaccine for Yellow Fever.  At your request, Travel Health Services will update your physician on vaccinations you receive.

Start planning now. The CDC recommends you meet with your Travel Medicine specialist four to six weeks before traveling. It may take time for vaccines to become effective in the body.   Some vaccines may need to be taken more than once to provide the best immunity, so earlier is better.

For last-minute travelers---it's never too late to visit your Travel Medicine specialist.   Some vaccines can be administered on an accelerated schedule to provide rapid immunity. Appropriate vaccines, medications and travel tips can still help safeguard you against illness or injury while traveling abroad.

In travel, being informed can make a world of difference.  You will be meeting with a professional nurse consultant who is an expert in Travel Medicine for about 45 minutes. After reviewing your travel plans and health needs, your consultant will make recommendations based on the latest information from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Your personalized travel health plan will include recommended immunizations and may include precautions for safe food and water, high altitude travel, medical/hospital locations and tips for traveling while pregnant. You will be provided with a customized travel booklet that will include a summary of your travel health and safety needs.

Your travel vaccinations will be administered by a skilled and caring professional nurse. You will be given an official immunization record to keep with your travel documents. The International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination (Yellow Card) is provided to recipients of this vaccine. You may receive recommendations or prescriptions for the following: malaria prevention, antibiotics for traveler's diarrhea and prevention of altitude sickness.

For your appointment you will need to bring the following with you:

  • A list of previous immunizations or bring your current immunization card
  • A List of any medications you are currently taking
  • A List of any conditions or diseases you currently have
  • List of countries you anticipate visiting
  • Duration of your Trip
  • Nature of your trip (Business, Adventure, Sightseeing)

For your convenience, please download the Pre-Travel Form and print and complete it in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to bring it to your appointment. It will include the necessary information to make your pre-travel visit productive.

Remember to eat before your appointment. If you have not eaten recently, let your travel nurse consultant know.

Infants and children may be at risk for many of the same diseases that affect adults. Travel Health Services does provide special travel immunizations to children, and your consultant will be happy to discuss this with you. Every child under the age of 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian present. Routine childhood immunizations should be received at your Pediatrician's office.

Yes. Travel Health Services provides routine immunizations that your doctor's office may not provide. See our complete list of routine immunizations.

You will need to bring credit card, check or cash. All immunizations must be pre-paid. We do not bill your insurance, since most insurance does not cover travel immunizations. However, you will be provided with a receipt of services with all the necessary codes, so you may submit it to your insurance if you choose to do so.