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Healthy travel begins here.  Call Travel Health Services for reliable travel health advice and the immunizations you need to help make sure your trip is safe and enjoyable. Our Travel Health professionals will help ensure that the only things you bring back are souvenirs and fond memories. We are proud to be a member of The International Society of Travel Medicine.   We offer the following services:

International travel can be challenging if you're not prepared. For every 100,000 people who journey to developing countries, 75,000 will experience some type of health problem. 30,000 or more will contract traveler's diarrhea. Approximately 10,000 travelers, or 1 in 10, will become sick enough to seek medical attention during or after the trip. Don't be a statistic!

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Travel Health Services saves your company time, money and anxiety for your employees traveling to foreign countries. Travel Health Services helps you to minimize unnecessary risks, including the risk of contracting a vaccine preventable disease.

Vaccination Clinics: The optimal time for flu immunization is September through January. Travel Health Services will attend to all the details. All you will have to do is provide a room. Our staff will take care of paperwork (consents and record-keeping) and dispose of medical waste. Our specially trained nurses will ensure minimal time away from work. Travel Health Services is ready to provide vaccinations and education at your facility or ours.

You may not realize that adults also need protection from a variety of vaccine preventable diseases. Many vaccines you received as a child may not provide lifelong immunity or protection. Vaccine "boosters" increase, or boost the protection you received as a child. In addition, new vaccines have become available that can protect adults against other serious diseases.